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Home Wireless Intruder Burglar GSM Alarm System with Touch Keypad Operation Blue Backlighting Graphic Display

GSM quad-band ( 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 mhz ), voice prompt and SMS alarm. 8 Wireless remote controllers and 100 Wireless defense zones. 6 Groups of alarm phone numbers, 2 Groups of SMS numbers and 1 Alarm receiving center. Built-in perpetual digital clock and calendar; Memory save even when electricity is cut off.

Product Model: ISGSM01   |   Item Code: 1901000103

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    • GSM quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz), voice prompt and SMS alarm.
    • 8 wireless remote controllers and 100 wireless defense zones.
    • Blue backlighting graphic display for clear information.
    • Touch keypad, super bright backlight screen with friction resistant and scratch resistant design.
    • 6 groups of alarm phone numbers, 2 groups of SMS numbers and 1 alarm receiving center.
    • Built-in perpetual digital clock and calendar; memory save even when electricity is cut off.
    • Voice prompt for operation guidance; artificial prompt, clear record playback.
    • Wired siren in standard kit, wireless loud sound and light siren can be added.
    • Timely arm and disarm.
    • Arm/ disarm delay, remote control to arm and disarm by remote controller, keypad and mobile phone.
    • All zones could be programmed for immediate, delayed, 24-hour and bypass alarm modes.
    • Alarm call voice prompt: zone number, alarm type.
    • Alarm type includes SOS alarm, fire alarm, gas leak, door alarm, hall alarm, window alarm, balcony alarm, and perimeter alarm.
    • Built-in wireless transmitter: more convenient to work with wireless siren.
    • Intelligent learning code: convenient and simple to add detectors.
    • Strong password recovery function: Whether the alarm panel is in arm or disarm, the lost password can be recovered.
    • Automatic alarm panel memory for arm and disarm, which enables the alarm panel automatically return to the status before power off.
    • Event Log Query: alarm panel automatically records 45 pieces of all information concerning arm, disarm and alarm events.
    • Built-in loud speaker for listen-in and two-way intercom.
    • Remote control by phone call, like arm, disarm and on-site monitoring.
    • SMS prompt for power off and recovery.
    • Alarm panel is equipped with built-in AAA NI-HM rechargeable battery.
    • Compatible with internationally accepted protocol of alarm receiving center: Ademco Contact ID alarm communication protocol.






    GSM quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    Power supply DC12V 1A
    Power consumption (standby status) 50mA
    Alarm current £ 450mA
    Frequency 433MHz ± 1
    Coding mode 2262 IC / 4.7MΩ
    Back-up battery AAA 7.2V






    • Place the alarm panel to the best position for installation so that it locates in the detector protection of alarm system.
    • Fix the hole size by alarm panel rear screw, and tighten screws in installation position.
    • Open the SIM card deck of the cable slot on the rear alarm panel, insert SIM card into the box, fix it well and close the cover
    • Alarm connection: directly insert the alarm head to the SIREN hole.
    • Power Access: directly insert the output head (elbow) of the power adapter into the POWER input of the alarm panel.
    • Detailed re-examination should be performed to check whether all the connections are correct, and cable access is fixed and reliable.
    • Then firmly install the alarm alarm panel in the fixed position, and tighten by screws
    • Click the switch of the back-up battery to ON status
    • Finally perform walk test.



    System installation:

    The detector of the alarm system provides relatively high sensitivity for guaranteed detection effect; for this reason, if installed improperly, false alarms will easily occur. Therefore, the installation must be subject to the following details:

    • Outdoor (balcony) defense must be subject to door sensor, vibration, correlation, fence or outdoor special detector; it is prohibited to install wireless infrared detectors outdoors.
    • Doors and windows defense must be subject to door sensors and vibration detectors other than infrared detectors. Because of constraints, if infrared detector must be used to replace door sensor, curtain detector with direction can be selected and must be installed inside of doors and windows.
    • Indoor defense is generally subject to infrared detector or curtain detector. It is recommended to strictly follow installation method for infrared detectors during installation.
    • Wireless infrared detector must be installed in the interior hidden backlight place; it is necessary to avoid facing the doors, windows, air conditions, heating apparatus, and ventilation etc., which will cause false alarms of infrared detector due to obvious change of temperature and air flow
    • Direct light on Fresnel lens of infrared detector will be likely to cause false alarms. Vibration source near infrared detector can also cause false alarms.
    • Indoor wireless infrared detectors should keep away from appliances with strong electromagnetic interference (such as computers, televisions, air conditions, microwave ovens etc); otherwise, there may be false alarms.
    • Indoor infrared detectors should keep away from mice crawling to prevent false alarms caused by the mice.
    • Overhead view of infrared detector should be adjusted higher, with 30cm above the ground in case of pet, which can prevent false alarms caused by pets.
    • Regularly examine the battery of wireless infrared detector to prevent the battery under-voltage from false alarms. AAA alkaline battery must be selected for battery replacement.



    Item includes:

    • 1 x Main unit
    • 1 x PIR sensor
    • 1 x Door sensor
    • 2 x Remote controls
    • 1 x Power adapter
    • 1 x Alarm Siren



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