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Professional CCTV HD Megapixel IP Cameras for Your Home Security!
8CH CCTV H.264 Realtime Digital Video Surveillance PCI DVR Capture Card

The system Maximum support 32 channel, Preview Resolution:704*576(PAL), 640*480(NTSC) , Record Resolution:352*288(PAL), 320*240(NTSC) , 8CH Audio input, Multi-Language support

Product Model: INS-8DVRCARD03   |   Item Code: 2208020029

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    1. Operating Systems Windows XP/VISTA/WIN7 64bit compress mode H.264 .
    2. Display Resolution 1024 x 768,1280 x 1024,1440 x 900 ; Record Resolution 352 x 288(PAL standard), 352 x 240 (NTSC standard )
    3. The system Maximum support 32 channel.
    4. Support single-screen, 4 screen, 8 screen, 9 screen, 10 screen, 12 screen, 16 screen, 20 screen, 25 screen, 36 screen ,Support to display full-screen, support for auto-flip, can be multi-stage amplification.
    5. Real-time multi-screen display / Record / Playback function, support multiple PTZ control, supports a wide range of alarm box.
    6. Continuous video, timing video, dynamic video, event video, alarm video ,and so on.
    7. Each camera can set the display name.
    8. NTSC / PAL video display standard two options, 25 / s real-time preview, near real-time playback.
    9. Regulatory function of video attributes to make the image more clearly.
    10. Video multi-level image quality adjustable to change the storage file size, to facilitate the application of different occasions.
    11. Mobile alarm video recording, video alarm sensitivity, pre-video time, adjustable delay time video to support the voices of alarm output.
    12. Intelligent search, camera lens can play back all the time ( year / month / day / time period or long period of time for retrieval), automatic alarm video search can distinguish video events.
    13. With single / multi-screen playback at the same time.
    14. With local amplification, playback with frame-by-frame, fast playback, slow playback, the conventional player.
    15. Image playback can be carried out to capture function, files backup, document editing functions.
    16. Remote monitoring, remote PTZ control, color, video manual, shield and unshield , restart your computer, such as control.
    17. Support the current maximum capacity of hard disk , also several large hard disk at the same time.
    18. Hard disk management can use the hard disk of the largest and the smallest hard disk space set aside to enable the hard disk can be fully justified to use.
    19. Automatically creates a log file (user logs, system logs, remote control log), easily search for record of the operation.
    20. System shutdown can be set from time to time, time to resume function, to ensure high stability of the system.
    21. Can be set to run automatically start monitoring software, power automatically shut down procedures, calls automatically restart, automatic restoration of the video









    Preview Resolution


    Operation Mode


    Video input

    8 ch

    Video input interface


    HDD Occupation


    Record Frames

    25fps PAL,30fps NTSC

    Record Resolution


    Playback Mode

    ulti-channel playback,forward & backward

    Audio input



    Freely setup the motion detection areas,sensitivity is adjustable,realize the alarm I/O,with professional alarm device

    PTZ Control

    Support Pelcod D/P,Setting preseting spot,controlling and remote controlling PTZ Lens

    Network Protocol


    Network Function

    IE Remote monitoring/Remote Control/Remote setup/Remote playback

    Record Mode



    Multi-user*s authorization management,User authorization setup

    Multi-Language support

    English,Traditional Chinese,Simple Chinese, French, Turkish Russian, Spain, Hebrew Hungarian, Polish

    Working Temperature

    -10 ℃To50 ℃

    Working humidity






    Hardware requirements:


    • CPU: More than Celeron 2G (Recommended 1.8G dual-core or more)
    • DDR: More than 256M(Recommended DDR1G)
    • Graphic Card: 32M Support Overlay (Recommended 256M)
    • Network Card: 10-100M
    • Display Resolution: 1024*768(32Bit) / 1280*1024(32Bit) / 1440*900(32Bit)




    • CPU: More than P4 1.7G
    • DDR: DDR 256M
    • Graphic Card: 64M
    • Network Card: 10-100M
    • Display Resolution: 1024*768(32Bit) / 1280*1024(32Bit) / 1440*900(32Bit)



    • Please read the relevant prospectus before using the monitoring system; you could not use this goods until you know the function of everything part of it, it just ensured that there is a best function on it. Otherwise, everything is at your peril.
    • The host system power supply voltage of 220 volts +10%, if the voltage is instable or interference from other accidents, you choose high quality power (ie UPS) to ensure a good working system,
    • On the system, host shall work at the room temperature (-10 +3 ℃ - 55 +2 ℃), a clean environment and keep it a good ventilation .
    • The system belongs to Our company's proprietary software products, please do not copy without permission, otherwise we will not be responsible for the stability of the machine , meanwhile, we will pursue copyright piracy through the legal channels


    Item includes:

    • 1 x 8CH H.264 full D1 realtime recording DVR Card
    • 2 x Data Cable



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